Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Mission

This blog is a tool of analysis in my quest to deconstruct the medium of blogging. What is a blog? What's the appeal? How have they transformed the world of literature and reporting? Blogs have created a new lens for us to view the world. This project will be broken into five subsections - music blogs, health and wellness blogs, political blogs, religious blogs, parenting blogs. Within these sections I will look at a full spectrum, ranging form the professional to the amateur. I will link the blogs in my blog roll, as well as the posts, and will hopefully and more as my project grows.

The subjects I want to focus on within each blog are intent, content, intended audience, actual audience, reception, and how frequently they're updated. From here I hope to gain a better understanding of what draws us to blogs. Why have people become desensitized to sharing their personal information to complete strangers over the internet? How do blogs create a sense of community among people? With this blog I hope to break open the dialogue surrounding blogs and begin to answer some of these questions. Also, if you ever have any suggestions for potential blogs, let me know.